Life Begins When You Start to Love Yourself

It is my mission to help you fall in love with yourself, so you can experience the beauty, bliss, and magic of life.

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So many of us spend our whole life waiting to start living.

Have you grown up believing that love is a process that completes us only when we love another, or that we have to fulfil someone’s expectations to be “whole”?

Not true! This is purely to fulfil what we think are our inadequacies, and we hold ourself back from our greatness. I once felt that way too. This made me disconnected with myself, always feeling like there was something missing – a void and unhappiness that I couldn’t explain. I want to save you from that same pain that I felt for 14 years of my life.

I am here to challenge the images you have created in your head, disrupt your belief of inadequacy, and rebuild a belief of pure love which originates from within.

You can achieve what you want in life if you start by falling in love with yourself.

It all starts with YOU!


Your experience on this earth is meant to be transcendental, sublime, and blissful with you feeling liberated, selfless, and loveful.

Wake up feeling like you are soaring, free, and alive

Have a strong relationship with yourself

Be in love with your life, yourself, and everything "as it is, in the now"

Enjoy your personal and professional growth

Live an intentional, purposeful life

If you are unable to feel any of this, then let’s make the shift now!


1:1 Coaching

A 10-session coaching journey to build a solid foundation for success in all areas of life: the basis of deep fulfilment and success for you!

The Year of You

A personalised one-on-one coaching program designed to help you achieve all your goals in 2024. If you can visualise your ideal life, you can achieve it with this program.

The Workshop

A transformative full-day workshop for teams who want to change the world. Reach peak performance both individually and collectively.

Conscious Leadership

A 16-session program to align yourself with your organisation, its mission, vision, and values. 10x your leadership impact by reconnecting with yourself.

Meher has played a key role in my success by helping me enhance excellence, agility, and meaning. Her support is generous and always has great intent.
Vivek Mehta
Global Strategy Manager, Fortune 500 Company
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introspect and evolve on the beautiful journey called life – not possible without you.
Sumeet Shewakramani
Managing Director, DBMSC Steel FZCO


I can introduce you to YOU! Take my self-love quiz to find out what your self-love quotient is and how best I can help you. It’s free and takes just a few minutes.


The relationship that we have with ourselves determines the quality of every other relationship we have in our life. This podcast aims to help you connect with yourself, find your purpose, and come alive.

The Come Alive Podcast


Here you will find a curation of my thoughts and advice on how to be in touch with your authentic self, and to help you fall more in love with yourself with every passing day.

How Self-Love Raised My Emotional Intelligence

When I first began my journey in leadership, the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) was something I hadn’t fully grasped. Like many, I equated effective leadership with assertiveness, decision-making, and technical skills. However, as I progressed in my career, it was self-love that truly raised my EQ and transformed my approach to leadership.

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I am extremely passionate about supporting children to learn and grow.

To further this endeavour, 20% of the proceeds from my services will be donated to the Palmon Foundation and to Harmony House.

The Palmon Foundation is dedicated to educating girls and empowering women to achieve their full potential physically, mentally, and economically so that they can become change makers and leaders in their community. Harmony House provides 1000+ children with education, food, and health facilities. They also provide vocational training for women and older children.

Through our work together, I aim to provide children with the resources they need to build a bright future.