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Meher Mirchandani


Hi, I’m Meher!

A few years ago, I was at my lowest point. I felt imprisoned in my life and all I wanted was to be reborn and live a life I truly desired…
Ever since I was a little girl, I’d been struggling with a feeling that something was missing in my life and this had reached a breaking point at the age of 35.

If you looked in on my life from the outside, you’d think that nothing could be farther from this. I was fortunate to have been born into a privileged home, with a wonderful family and a blessed upbringing.

However, while growing up, struggling with this feeling of incompleteness, I would secretly hope that finding true romantic love would make it go away. At the age 22, when I got married to the man I love, the feeling only intensified!

Soon this void took over every aspect of my being and I resigned myself into believing that it was my destiny to live an unfulfilled life.

Imagine how horrible that was!

Deep within I seeked wholeness but didn’t seem to know how to find it. Then a series of incidents, reflections and learnings drove me to past life regression therapy. It was only through experiencing my past lives did I realize the value of my current life. My past lives gave me the perception and awareness that I had nearly wasted another lifetime seeking love from another to fulfil me.

That was when the missing piece of my puzzle fell into place. I realized that the emptiness was none other than the love for myself and I was looking for it in the wrong place all along! It was not validation from the outside world that I’d needed, but rather from within me! It was not the connection to another but to my own self that I was missing!

The journey that I share with you in my book is that we must not just exist, but Come Alive. My mission is to evoke the transformation in you so you are able to know, honor and connect with yourself to feel truly Alive!

DISCOVER  Yourself


If you could be anybody, who would you be? Many of us think, imagine and feel that if we were somebody else, we would be happier, more successful and more content with life. But that’s actually not true. Let me help you fall in love with yourself.

Unfolding You

A 5 phased process to know yourself, nurture yourself, appreciate yourself and fall in love with yourself to be re-born as who you’re meant to be.

Conscious Leadership

A 16 week program to help you be alive in business, chip away who you are not, lead with your heart, and create a culture based on the values you hold.


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My Purpose


I am extremely passionate about supporting children to learn and grow.

To further this endeavor, all payments made towards my services will be donated in their entirety to the Palmon Foundation that is dedicated to educating girls and empowering women to achieve their full potential physically, mentally, and economically to become change makers and leaders in their community, and Harmony House, a charitable organization for street children in India.

Harmony House provides 450+ children education, food, health facilities and vocational training for women and older children. Through our work together, I aim to nourish their childhood and give them the resources they need to build a bright future.

For every 5 sessions you book with me, you will be covering one child’s education, food, and healthcare for one year.

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