Letting Go of Activities

“Letting go gets you closer to the seat of your soul and also brings immense courage to your being. You meet your authentic self.” “Leave who you were, Love who you are, look forward to Who you will become…” Activities are something done for enjoyment, especially organized events. We commit to activities to stay connected […]

Letting Go of Material Things

Letting go of material objects and things means decluttering your life, wardrobe, and home from things you don’t need. It also means not buying anything you absolutely do not need. It is also called a minimal way of living.  Clutter has a negative impact on your mental well-being and can steal your time, space and […]

Letting Go of Bad Habits

The habits you let go of and the new habits you create, help you progress on your journey. Habits are rituals and behaviors that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out essential activities in life.  We all have habits and we activate hundreds every day. These habits can be divided into three groups. The first […]

The Value of Time

Three ways to better value your time. “Time is what we want most but what we use worst.” Willam Penn No one can escape the passing of time. We are all subjected to ageing and mortality. It plays a significant role in our life. Time is the most valuable resource because you cannot take it […]

The Power of Journaling

Here are 5 styles of journaling that can help you reflect and recharge. Journaling is a process of regularly recording your thoughts, feelings, memories, and more in a book. It helps you reflect upon your actions, provides an emotional outlet, and helps strengthen your relationship with yourself.  When you journal, you focus on things that […]

Intention Drives Action

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. -Benjamin Franklin In this article I will share, How I set Goals using “3 word goal setting” by Chris Brogan. ‘My 3 Words’ was first created by Chris Brogan, a fellow author and also an early pioneer in social media.  This technique was created to […]

Detachment: 4 Keys to Unlock a Happy Life

Detachment brings a freedom that can serve all aspects of our life. In this article, I will share my experience on detachment. Why it is important to understand detachment and how to detach yourself from expectations that prevent you from living your best life every single day.  You will also learn, 4 quick mindset shifts […]

Forgive Into Love!

Forgiveness is a choice we make to live in peace with ourselves and evolve as human beings.  What is forgiveness? It is an emotional voluntary response, it is an internal process of letting go of feelings and thoughts of resentment, bitterness, anger, and need for vengeance to someone who has betrayed or wrongs us, including […]