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Letting Go of Activities


“Letting go gets you closer to the seat of your soul and also brings immense courage to your being. You meet your authentic self.”

“Leave who you were, Love who you are, look forward to Who you will become…”

Activities are something done for enjoyment, especially organized events. We commit to activities to stay connected to the world, people, or communities. It could be music events, dinner parties, community gatherings, and others. 

There are always things we do to stay in the limelight. However, when the limelight is not important then the activities connected with this will diminish automatically, and you must embrace this. I used to socialise and dine out at least three times a week, which would get me about six hours of sleep. When I had no morning rituals, I was completely fine but as soon as I started my morning routines, I realised that the quality of my meditation is not as strong as the day I was sleeping on time and being home. I started letting go of my dinner/party and event nights. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy dancing and music and social gatherings; it just means you choose more wisely where and how you spend your time. 

 “At first, letting go will feel very uncomfortable, because you are used to certain things, you are used to spending time in a certain way, and you are used to attending certain events. However, when you weigh the pros and cons of letting go, you will discover peace beyond what I can express.

“Letting go gets you closer to the seat of your soul and also brings immense courage to your being. You meet your authentic self.”

So how to evaluate what activities to let go of, here are 3 ways that I used to say no to activities:

1. It no longer brings you joy or meaning

A project, hobby, or activity, should bring joy or meaning to your life. If it’s bringing you down, that’s a sign that it’s time to let it go. If you find yourself wishing you could skip it. An entire day might be ruined because you spent hours dreading it. You might even find that you are happier doing almost anything else. This is a huge red flag that something isn’t serving you.

2. It doesn’t raise you higher in your journey

If you have identified your journey, your values, and your priorities in life then it’s simple to say no to things that don’t relate to those aspects. However, if you are still working on certain areas of your life then you can evaluate if you must do an activity or not by understanding how it will help you become a better version of yourself.

3. Let go of FOMO

FOMO is the constant, nagging knowledge that you’re missing out on an event – because you can see it happening on social media, or your friends are attending it. In my perspective, the fear of missing out is an illusion, it is the illusion to make you feel part of something. It is to satisfy that deeper pain of self-worth. And it needs time to understand yourself if you do feel FOMO. Be patient with yourself and decode it through a sense of deeper connection with yourself. Once you go deeper you will know if the event or activity is really that important for you. 

In conclusion, letting go of anything creates more space for what you need more of in accordance with where you are in your journey, hence, you must allow yourself to let go of activities that don’t serve you anymore. You must be mindful of how you feel while doing any activity only then you can free yourself from that if it is not serving you and move closer to your purpose and growth in life.

This article was first published on Thrive Global.

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