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Letting Go of Bad Habits


The habits you let go of and the new habits you create, help you progress on your journey.

Habits are rituals and behaviors that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out essential activities in life. 

We all have habits and we activate hundreds every day. These habits can be divided into three groups. The first group is the habits that we simply don’t notice because they have been part of our lives forever—like tying shoelaces or brushing our teeth. The second group are habits that are good for us and which we work hard on establishing—like exercising, eating well, or getting enough sleep. The final group is the habits that are bad for us—like smoking, procrastinating, or overspending.

An interesting article in positive psychology explains habits in a great way – The best way to change your bad habits is to directly replace them with new ones. When you create a habit, your brain creates new neurological pathways allowing you to more easily use those habits.

We can change habits to benefit our growth. The habits you let go of and the new habits you create, help you progress on your journey.

If you feel uncomfortable doing certain things, or you are unable to change your routine to accomplish your goals, then it’s time for change. If they impact your health negatively — both mentally and physically and you realize you are wasting your time and feel drained of your energy that means old habits need to be let go off and replaced by new habits.  

We have many habits that hinder our thoughts and growth. Let me share a few: I didn’t exercise as I believed I had no time. I created a new habit of exercising at least three times a week if not more. I wanted a healthier me. I started affirmations which I never did before because I wanted to change my subconscious programming from, I am not good enough to I am worthy. I created habits that would serve me and keep my energy elevated consistently. 

The habits that I let go of are

1. Checking my emails and WhatsApp first thing in the morning

Instead of being reactive, I started being proactive towards my life and my growth. I complete my routine of (meditation, exercise, journaling, and reading), drop the kids to school and only then check my emails. This also gives me time to be in the right zone, stay connected to myself, and gather the courage to run the day at optimum performance. 

2. Spending time on social media first thing in the morning 

It’s very entertaining to check social media to be connected with the world, you may say, however, I felt it was more important to connect with myself and hence I stopped this and started reading a book that enhances my knowledge about myself and elevates me to a higher energy level.

3. Positive self-talk

This is so important in life, we often have thoughts of uncertainty, fear, and thoughts of the future which incline us to negativity at times. Catching your thoughts and bringing them back to the now will greatly help you enjoy the journey. So, when I get extremely tired, running in different directions and fulfilling different roles – I tell myself “I love my life and journey rather than I am tired and I can’t do this. I don’t take caffeine so this is my caffeine kick a few times a day. The ability to turn all your thoughts into positive reinforcement greatly helps build you and your life and stay focused. 

In conclusion, as they say, habits you create, create you! If you want to create a better version of yourself, create better habits. Make the effort towards a better you by changing the habits that don’t serve you anymore.

This article was first published on Thrive Global.

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