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The Impact of Your Leadership Depends on the Relationship You Have With Yourself


The more connected you are to your inner self, the more you will be able to impact your personal life, leadership and the organisation at large

You build relationships with people by knowing them first and then spending time with them; the more quality time you spend with them, the stronger your relationships become. Similarly, your leadership is built on your ability to inspire and connect with stakeholders. The strength of your relationship with yourself will determine the impact of your leadership.

So how strong is your relationship with yourself? What are you doing to spend time with yourself, connect with yourself and build your relationship with yourself? The more connected you are to your inner self, the more you will be able to impact your personal life, leadership and the organisation at large. Ultimately, success in all these three areas is what leads to fulfillment.

There are many ways to connect and spend time with yourself, the four most effective ways to connect to yourself are:

Mindfulness and meditation

Meditation is a means to move beyond your analytical mind, so you can access your subconscious mind and that’s where you need to reach to be a better version of yourself and influence positive change in your life. Meditation empowers you to become a better you. It gets you in the calm zone that you need to run a conscious day.


Gratitude is the highest form of receivership; when in gratitude, energy changes, and that’s the energy you need to attract more of what you are in gratitude for. When you journal gratitude and forgiveness, it helps reflections, provides an emotional outlet, and helps reduce stress. It puts you in an elevated state of being to start a day with direction

Reading and learning

When you commit yourself to learn new information every single day, you biologically wire that information to your cerebral architecture. And this new information helps you view life, circumstances, and feelings from a new perspective. When you have a new perspective, you make informed choices of your thoughts and actions. It also helps you react better.


Exercise stimulates the body to release proteins and other chemicals that improve the structure and function of your brain. Exercise helps maintain your health, so you remain fit. It helps with mental fitness, and you are able to focus on all the above things. It also provides renewed and increased energy to manage our day with more power. It increases your strength to deal with all fronts of life with elevated energy.

When you are connected and in love with yourself for who you are, you evolve greatly in all areas of your life and gain the power to create an impact in your personal life, your leadership and within your organisation.

Personal life

We often feel disconnected from family and friends especially when times are challenging as that’s when you need to focus more on work or another area of your life. However, when you are fully connected to yourself through the five ways mentioned above you are more present in the now, and it impacts your life in four primary ways.


You feel accepted and connected to yourselves, aware of your thoughts, actions, and words. You become reflective and effective. This is a process to become a better version of yourself, and you must embrace it to feel fulfilled within.


You feel compassion for parents, you develop stronger bonds with partner/spouse and are patient with your kids. You become energetically drawn to loving our family unconditionally.


You appreciate and are grateful for the friends you have; you don’t judge them but love them for being in your life. You connect to them on a soul level. Moreover, you are able to let go of people who don’t serve you anymore and have no role to play in your life and are able to free yourself from relationships that you no longer contribute to.


When you exercise, you release the hormones needed to keep you emotionally and mentally fit. Health has a lot to do with your performance in all areas of our life and you must not avoid regular exercise to keep you on top of your game. You are able to do this with ease when you connect to yourselves and care about your well being and growth.



When you become that person you aspire to be, you will be able to inspire other leaders and peers in your organisation to become a better version of themselves.


As a leader when you are in love with yourself and connected to yourself, you will be able to connect to your team at a deeper level which exudes empathy and compassion. Improves internal and external communications because you lead with authenticity.

Lead by example

When you consistently work on growing yourself, you drive your team to propel in the same direction of greatness. When you are a learner in the school of life, you become aware and intuitive. You disperse the wisdom needed to transform your peers. As Jim Rohn says, “success is something you attract by the person you become.” It is the consistent effort you put into building yourself that yields you the life you desire.

Team Performance

When you are genuinely concerned about your team member’s growth at a human level then performance follows. The performance is the byproduct of growing yourself and your team from the inside. And statistics prove that when the people are taken care of, the organisation thrives.

Organisation at large


When you are driven by love rather than ego, you will be able to maintain, retain and grow relationships with all stakeholders.


When your team is connected to themselves, you will be able to drive a culture that thrives on an intrinsically motivated team. You as a leader are then able to build and maintain a culture that beats strategy any day of the week.

Customer engagement

When you value relationships over transactions, you always win. When the customer is respected and appreciated from all touch points in the organisation then the community of loyal customers attracts more loyal customers.

Overall alignment

Conscious and connected leadership will prevail as alignment is key to a successful organisation. When a deeper connection flows through all stakeholders then the values are honored, driving alignment and success inevitably.

The value you gain from connecting with yourself is far greater than you can imagine. When you become aware of how you will be impacted by self-connection you are able to take the steps in the direction of your transformation. To transform your life, transform yourself. Because, the relationship you have with yourself determines the quality of all the relationships you hold.

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