Ready to fall in love with yourself and achieve more than your wildest dreams?

My own journey of self-love brought me to the realisation that being alive is being in love with yourself for who you are. Ever since then, it has been my mission to evoke the same transformation in others. Everything starts with self-love – whether you want to be a better, more empathetic leader, parent, spouse…or just anyone who wants to attract success with the person they become.

My programs will help you get the life you desire.



A 10-session journey to build a solid foundation for success in all areas of life.

This coaching program is designed to take you from “getting by” to “thriving” by learning how to love yourself. Uncover what is holding you back and develop a lifelong toolkit to help you fall and stay in love with yourself. This will become the basis of deep fulfilment and success in all areas of your life: career, family, friendships, and even your spirituality!

The TRANSFORMATIVE 1:1 coaching program is for you if...

Thank you for adding positivity in my thoughts and giving a direction to channel my energies. Meher is one of three people who had an impactful presence in my life this year and I wish her all the best to be a wonderful life-changing and gratitude-filled change agent in many more lives.
Pankaj Sharma
Business Development Manager, Help AG

Ready to feel a new zest for life, be full of positivity, and build a deep, meaningful connection to yourself that makes you successful in all you do?


Get personalised one-on-one coaching to achieve all your goals for 2024.

This program is designed to take you on a journey of learning how to prioritise yourself, helping you reach your goals and go even further. If you can visualise your ideal life, my one-on-one coaching will empower you with the skills needed to turn that vision into reality. Make 2024 the year dedicated to YOUR success!

The year of you program is for you if...

Meher is a source of positive energy, light, love and happiness. Blessed to have her in my life. Very grateful for her!
Alisha Moopen
Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM

Ready to overcome the blocks that have been keeping your dreams on hold, and find out what a life full of joy and abundance feels like without guilt or hesitation?


A transformative half-day workshop for teams who want to change the world.

Your success both individually and collectively as a team is a direct function of the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. This half-day workshop is about turning the spotlight inward. Every team member will work on building a solid inward relationship with themselves – but the true transformation is what happens when self-loving, self-aware individuals come together.

The self-love workshop is for you if...

Meher’s talk with the Sacoor Brothers team created the awareness needed to build a strong relationship with your inner self. It also highlighted the key to optimum performance and fulfilment at work and personal life...through a daily routine of growing yourself.
Malik Sacoor
Chairman, Sacoor Brothers

Ready to get to know your team better, forge stronger relationships, and reach peak performance both individually and collectively?


A 16-session program to 10x your leadership impact by reconnecting with yourself.

In this program, you will lay a solid foundation for yourself as a leader. With deep awareness, you will move through seven phases that will allow you to achieve complete alignment within yourself and with your organisation, its mission, vision and values. Inspire visions and change the world!

The conscious leadership program is for you if...

Meher is a very insightful coach and asks pertinent questions. She helped me make tough business and personal decisions. She is an awesome individual with high energy, integrity, and patience...a great coach and listener. I would highly recommend Meher to be a high performance coach for people who want to grow and accomplish new heights."
Juuhi Ahuja
Founder & CEO, Wise Men Consultants

Ready to emerge a leader with deep impact and head an organisation that is set to create waves?


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