This is the year of You

Get personalised one-on-one coaching to achieve all your 2024 goals


It’s time to create a significant change and destroy the voice inside that says…

…or any of the other beliefs that limit you. Does this sound familiar?


What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Having the freedom to prioritise yourself without guilt or hesitation

Having relationships that complement, not overshadow, the one with yourself

Brimming with contentment, energy, and fulfilment in everyday life

Feeling confident and comfortable in your own body and mind

Crushing the "I don't have it in me" feeling forever and deciding your own future

Then this program will get you there…and beyond! If you can imagine your ideal life, my transformative one-on-one coaching will help you master the skills you need to make it real.

It’s time you stopped putting your dreams and goals on hold, and started prioritising yourself.

You deserve to come first. It’s time to make 2024 the year of YOU!


At the end of 8 sessions, you will go from:


Every coaching journey is unique and designed for your specific needs. To give you a peek into the experience, here is a sample coaching journey that has helped many of Meher’s clients access a complete transformation:

Plotting your Wheel of Self-Love and values

Where you are vs. where you want to be

Identifying your limiting beliefs

Reprogramming beliefs not serving you

Releasing, letting go, and making room for joy & success

Evaluation and wrap up

Plotting your Wheel of Self-Love and values

Where you are vs. where you want to be

Identifying your limiting beliefs

Reprogramming beliefs not serving you

Releasing, letting go, and making room for joy & success

Evaluation and wrap up

I truly appreciate your support, encouragement, and insight during this period. I have learned much more about myself—especially in starting a more introspective focus through meditation, affirmations, journaling. Looking forward to remembering to love and forgive myself more each day and living my values!
Natalhie Attallah


An award-winning entrepreneur, author, healer, and coach, Meher is the Director of Manrre Logistics Fund and Managing Director of Palmon Group.

She is a maven who balances her various roles with equal ease and persistent hard work—whether it is that of a business leader, decision maker, wife, daughter, or devoted mother to her twin daughters.

An inherently empathetic leader, she is a source of inspiration for her core team of leaders and leads by focusing on conscious leadership based on her personal and her company’s values. As one of Forbes’ top Indian leaders, Meher believes that culture is the cornerstone of an organisation. She is responsible for creating and building a culture with a growth mindset and love at Palmon and Manrre that empowers leaders to be their best on all fronts of their lives.

Her leadership principle is “Success is something you attract by the person you become. It is your dedication to consistently grow yourself that will yield you the life you desire.”

Her personal journey has brought about a breakthrough and transformation in her, which she shares in her first book “Come Alive.” Come Alive addresses the answer to the question, “are you truly alive?”

During my time of grief and loss, Meher truly understood my feelings and emotions and assisted me in processing them in order for me to think and act clearly. She guided me in releasing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs in order to reduce stress and anxiety. I'm not sure what I'd have done without her. She is caring, understanding, and extremely insightful. I am grateful!
Roshni Jeswani


As with any highly-personalised one-on-one coaching journey, your results depend on your commitment to creating the change and transformation in your life that the program promises.

Meher’s clients typically find that they have overcome their biggest challenges, personal and professional, by the end of their sessions. They report feeling light, positive, focused and more in touch with their feelings, values, and beliefs which in turn fuels success in their home and work lives.

Great question. Unlike many other “niche” coaching programs, The Year of You program is designed for anyone who is experiencing a lack of clarity or focus in life.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or a mompreneur, if you are experiencing a lack of purpose, an emptiness or have been struggling to connect with yourself, this coaching journey is designed to help.

Meher adapts her coaching style to work with individuals from all cultures, professions, and walks of life.

As this is a specially priced package, all sessions must be completed within 2 months of beginning.

For exceptional circumstances, please get in touch and we can talk about your situation and how best to manage sessions so that you still get the most out of your coaching.

Some of Meher’s highest-achieving clients met her when they were just stepping into the workforce for the first time, switching industries, or making their way back to work after a break.

They found tremendous value in grounding their relationship with themselves, getting clear on their values and limiting beliefs before getting into the thick of things career-wise. It has helped them land the right jobs, turn down opportunities that weren’t aligned to their values and find fulfilment and success quickly in their new roles and challenges.

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